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We are currently conducting analyzes on the latest equipment: using an Avio 200 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Spectrometer, Manufacturer: PerkinElmer (USA) CCD detector, which allows operation over the entire wavelength range, is one of the main elements of the Avio 200 system that guarantees absolute accuracy of the analysis results. Unlike traditional serial systems used in other instruments, the Avio 200 with a CCD detector scans the entire wavelength range in a separate segment at the same time. This achieves incredible accuracy. Also, to improve accuracy and sensitivity, a spectrum of elements is simultaneously recorded, and the background is analyzed.

All analyzes are carried out according to GOST and GOST. Agrolaboratory specialists participate in scientific conferences and seminars, constantly improve their qualifications.

Soil sampling is carried out using the WINTEX 2000 soil sampler, which can operate in two modes. The first mode allows you to get a sample from a depth of 0 to 60 centimeters, the second mode - from two horizons, from 0 to 30 cm, and from 30 to 60 cm in one working stroke with the placement of samples in different containers.

The probe of the Wintex 2000 sampler is immersed in the ground with a hydraulic hammer. When the probe reaches the desired depth, only then is the rotation, and then the lifting of the soil, thus there is no mixing of the layers. When the probe is raised, the soil from different horizons is unloaded into various ground boxes.

The sampling of soil is carried out by our specialist as an automatic sampler, and a hand drill. Regardless of the type of sampling, a fixation is made using a GPS receiver. This allows you to accurately determine the location of the selection of intermediate injections, and bind the assembly (consists of 10-15 injections) sample to a specific site. This allows, for example, to diagnose individual problem areas within the field, to obtain cartograms, etc.


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